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Electrode E12

The Electrode is equipped with a slide hammer to insert and extract the teflon-coated pins. A BNC connector is mounted at the electrode head to connect the cable. The cable needs to be ordered separately. Select BNC or mini-BNC cable to fit your meter. (Electrode E12 plus 1 pair DZ pins and 1 pair DA pins.)

Pins for Electrode E12

DZ, DA and DB pins can only be used by Electrode E12. Teflon-coated pins measure only at the tip.

DZ Pins: teflon-coated, total length 1 5/8″ (4.1 cm), measuring depth of 1″ (2.5 cm). DA Pins: teflon-coated, total length 2 1/8″ (5.4 cm), measuring depth of 1 1/2″ ( 3.8 cm). DB Pins: teflon-coated, total length 2 5/8″ (6.7 cm), measuring depth of 2″ (5 cm)

M-BNC Cable – connects Electrode E12 to:

  • mini-Ligno DX/C
  • mini-Ligno S/DC
  • mini-Ligno MD/C.

BNC Cable – connects Electrode E12 to:

  • Ligno-VersaTec
  • Lignometer K

Case M
The black hard-shell case comes with a handle and a foam insert for protection. Designed to fit any mini-Ligno, Lignometer K and Ligno-VersaTec with Electrode E12.

Case S
Hard-shell case with handle and foam insert for protection. Designed to fit Ligno-VersaTec, RH accessories, Electrode E14

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