Appalachian Prefinished

The Appalachian mountain range is one of North America’s oldest and most majestic natural wonders. It stretches from Canada’s eastern seaboard to central Alabama in the United States and is home to an amazing variety of hardwood species which are world-renowned for their exceptional natural qualities. Black Walnut, Hard Maple, Hickory, Red Oak, White Oak and Yellow Birch can all be found amongst its peaks and valleys. This mountain range is our main source of raw material, which is harvested for us by local workers. Our production facilities are also situated in the Appalachians. Our main facility, built in 2000, is located in Cowansville, Quebec, and our engineered facility, operational since 2012, is in North Troy, Vermont.

Inspired by our namesake, Appalachian Flooring refines natural beauty so that it may become a part of your home. Our dedication to innovation and growth assures our position as one of the premier NorthAmerican hardwood flooring producers.

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