Moisture Meters/RH Meters

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Ligno-VersaTec Moisture Meter

Ligno-VersaTec combines accurate and dependable buffermeasuring technologies of Lignomat’s pin, pinless and RH meters. Everybody needing a versatile, accurate meter will appreciate the multiple functions and the reliability of the Ligno-VersaTec.

  • Pin and pinless side by side:  Large areas can be scanned fast and easy. Selectable measuring depth 1/4″ or 3/4″ allows for comparing moisture close to the surface and deeper down. Once a problem is detected, pin electrodes can be used for further investigations.
  • RH mode: Add RH BluePeg humidity probe to the Ligno-VersaTec and you have a precision thermo-hygrometer for RH, T, GPP, DPT. Add RH concrete accessories to perform in-situ moisture tests in concrete. RH BluePeg system complies with latest ASTM F-2170 standard.

Ligno-Tec RH Concrete Moisture Meter

The Ligno-Tec RH concrete moisture meter for contractors, floor covering installers and restoration specialists to use as a Thermo-Hygrometer or for in-depth moisture testing of concrete follwong ASTM F2170-11 RH in-situ probe test. Moisture meter indicates relative humidity, temperature, GPP and DPT.

  • Thermo-Hygrometer: If you are looking for an accurate Hygrometer, the Ligno-Tec RH concrete moisture meter with RH BluePeg probe should be your choice. The RH BluePeg probe uses a hi-accuracy sensor with a short acclimation time.
  • In-situ probe concrete testing: Lignomat has designed the RH BluePeg Probe, sleeves, cable and RH concrete moisture meter for a simple and fail-proof measuring procedure.

Ligno-DuoTec BW Moisture Meter a Multi-function Moisture Meter:

The Ligno-DuoTec BW is a non-invasive moisture meter with dual-depth measuring capabilities. Lignomat’s unique dual-depth moisture meters allow the user to have more versatility. Two moisture meters in one. Great for thinner and thicker boards, engineered floor planks, and waterborne finishes. The RH BluePeg Probe can be added and used as a Thermo-Hygrometer or for RH in-situ probe testing of concrete following the latest ASTM F2170 standard.

  • Wood in Scan Mode: Ligno-DuoTec BW gives wood moisture readings in percent. Wood corrections are built-in for a measuring depth of 1/4″ and for 3/4″  for 70 specific gravity settings. Included are 9 different settings for bamboo.
  • Building Materials in Scan Mode: The Ligno-DuoTec BW gives moisture content in percent for drywall. For concrete and light-weight building materials comparative readings can be taken to evaluate moisture conditions and find wet spots. 1/4″ and 3/4″ measuring depth are available. Conforms to ASTM 2659.
  • Air in RH Mode: Add RH BluePeg Probe for ambient relative humidity and temperature, GPP and DPT.  Use moisture meter as a Thermo-Hygrometer.
  • Concrete in RH Mode: Add RH BluePeg Probes and RH accessories for in-situ moisture testing of concrete. Conforms to ASTM F2170.

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