Pallmann Pall-X NatureSeal Sealer


Sold as a single gallon

Case Quantity: 4 gallons

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Pall-X Natureseal is a single-component waterborne sealer that seals raw or stained wood and helps add a layer of protection to your floor. Pall-X Natureseal is ideal for use on lighter color species or where a untreated wood appearance is desired. Ideal for use on lighter color wood species. Safe for exotic wood species, where untreated wood appearance is desired.

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  • Fast drying, easy application • Saves time, very forgiving
  • Good penetration/filling • Minimizes risk of sidebonding
  • Provides untreated wood appearance • Allows wood to have untreated appearance while providing protection
  • Can be abraded • Reduces time of intercoat abrading finishes
  • Tannin Blockers • Eliminates tannin pull in wood species such as White Oak


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