Pallmann P108 Epoxy Moisture Retarder – Primer


Sold as a single container **NOTE – This product cannot be shipped standard parcel service and must be sent on a pallet.**


A two-component, 100% solids epoxy resin primer and moisture vapor retarder product for concrete substrates with high residual moisture. Reduces moisture vapor emissions to meet flooring manufacturer requirements.

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  • A moisture vapor retarder/primer on concrete substrates such as scarified, very dense or smooth concrete, with no restriction on maximum moisture content
  • A surface hardening primer on absorbent substrates such as gypsum products and concrete
  • A bonding agent on abraded ceramic tile, stone and terrazzo surfaces, existing substrates with well-bonded adhesive residues, smoothing compounds and coatings including water soluble adhesive residues
  • Radiant floor heating systems


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