Magnum Floor Driver



Designed by the installer for the installer. The ultimate solution to hardwood installation: a tapping block and hammer in one.  Precise weight and curved edge to drive with ideal force, tapping hardwood or engineered wood planks into place without damaging tongues and edges. 5-year Bulletproof  Warranty.

  • No more damaged boards! Soft steel absorbs blow but maintains maximum driving power
  • Ideal weight to maximize drive and energy transfer – swing less, install more
  • Precision radius to minimize recoil, make a square hit every time
  • Easy-reach angled handle with shock-absorbing grip
  • Square end to tap from multiple angles or straighten warped boards
  • Install faster and more efficiently for greater profit
  • 44oz powder-coated, solid steel head block
  • Welded steel angled handle
  • Shock-absorbing body and heavy-duty vinyl grip
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 5-year Bulletproof Warranty
  • Made in the USA


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