Crain Heavy Duty Undercut Saw – No. 835


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This powerful saw undercuts walls, door jambs, doors, inside corners and most toe spaces. The 61/2″ diameter No. 836 Carbide Tipped Steel Blade can fully undercut most doors in place and when used with the No. 805 Masonry Blade, can also be used for undercutting hearths. Height of cut is easily adjustable from flush to 1″ above the floor with 3/32″ graduations. The large height adjuster base helps prevent tipping and assures accurate, level cutting. Has a dual angle depth gauge which allows undercutting at a ‘straight on’ or 45° angle. Depth gauge is graduated in 1/8″ increments with a 15/8″ maximum depth of cut. Saw has a 7′ 14/2 cord and is double insulated for safety. Guaranteed for one year.

Each Saw Kit includes:

  • No. 805 Masonry Blade
  • No. 836 Carbide Tipped Steel Blade
  • No. 1812-P Blade Clamp (needed for use with the Nos. 805 Masonry Blade and optional 822 Diamond Blade)
  • Saw, plastic carrying case, hex wrench for blade removal and instructions.


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