3M Edger Discs/Small Diameter Discs

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Regalite discs feature 3M’s revolutionary Cubitron ceramic aluminum oxide mineral that starts sharp and stays sharp. Regalite discs run cool, cut faster and last longer than conventional discs, greatly reducing machine downtime and increasing productivity. All discs feature heavy-duty, durable backings that resist mineral loss. Each grit is specially engineered to provide a long life and ensure a smooth, professional finish.

  • Each specially engineered grit provides a consistent, uniform cut throughout its life, ensuring a professional finish every time
  • Available in an optimal size and grade range, so you can choose the ideal sanding sequence for your job
  • Regalite discs save time, boosting productivity
  • Regalite discs run cool, cut faster and last longer than conventional discs
  • 3M black discs are also known as Resinite Discs
  • Sharp mineral coating offers fast cuts and a good finish
  • Smooth paper backing is tough and long-lasting

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