Basic Coatings Raw Sealer


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Sold as a single gallon

Case Quantity: 4 gallons

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Raw Sealer is an innovative waterbased wood floor sealer designed to offer the stylish look of dry untreated natural white oak wood floor. During application, this product offers a distinctive wet sealer indicator hue that allows the installer to easily see where product has been applied to ensure proper application and coverage throughout the installation. Once dry, the sealer helps prevent tannin pull during application of approved waterbased finishes.

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  • Designed predominantly for White Oak
  • Offers natural dry looking color
  • Helps prevent tannin pull
  • Wet sealer indicator: applies with slight hue for proper coverage which also prevents any missed spots
  • Single component: Pre-catalyzed
  • Can be used on any species to tone the wood color
  • Fast Drying (2-3 Hours)
  • Low VOC 275


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