ALTA MODA – 3/4″ Prefinished Solid

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Sold by the square foot in full box quantities

3-1/4” = 20 sqft/box; 40 boxes per pallet

4-1/4” = 18.9 sqft/box; 40 boxes per pallet

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Taking inspiration from the world of Haute Couture, we use texture, pattern and colors to create floors that are a testimony to your personal style. Texture is added to each board face through light steel brushing. This lets the intricacies of the wood’s natural grain pattern take center stage, while also allowing stain colors to penetrate more deeply into the soft grain. Specially formulated stains are used which highlight the different types of grain patterns and deliver truly unique colors in a contrasting color scheme. The texturing of the surface also helps hide marks on the floor, a great advantage for families and pet owners.

  • Evershine Ultra Matte Finish

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