DriTac Adhesive Cartridge Gun


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Manual Drive High-Gear Ratio Cartridge Gun

DriTac’s High-Gear Ratio Cartridge Gun is an easy-to-use manual drive cartridge gun designed to dispense 9.5-10 oz. cartridge adhesives. This heavy duty, high powered dispensing gun achieves up to 900 lbs. of force and is ideal for discharging full-bodied adhesives, such as DriTac 2000 Vertical, wall application adhesive. This easy-to-operate, handheld dispensing gun helps turn more difficult-to-apply cartridge adhesives into easy-to-use, free-flowing adhesives.

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• For Use with DriTac 2000 Vertical

• Heavy Gear Ratio

• All Metal Construction

• No Slip, Double-Gripping Plates

• Comfortable Full-Size Handle

• Concealed Puncture Tool

• Swivel Carriage

• 26:1 Thrust Ratio

• Adjustable Wear-Compensation Device – No Loss in Trigger Motion


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